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Autoprotect at WVC Service Centre

Autoprotect Warranty and Aftercare Options

Working with Autoprotect

Vehicle Warranty

All mechanical and electrical parts are insured against the cost of failure and wear & tear during the policy period, provided that the terms and conditions of the policy are complied with.

  • Bespoke policy tailored to the specification of our vehicles
  • Warranty work can be carried out by any VAT registered garage.
  • Parts, Labour and VAT covered.
  • Nationwide and European usage.
  • Unlimited mileage, unlimited claims.
  • Interest free monthly plan.
  • No excess on any of our plans

No deposit required

Option 1

Length Price Payments Claim Limit
12 months £500 12 x £41.67 £5,000
24 months £800 12 x £66.67 £5,000
36 months £1,200 12 x £100.00 £5,000

No deposit required

Option 2

Length Price Payments Claim Limit
12 months £400 12 x £33.33 £2,000
24 months £600 12 x £50.00 £2,000
36 months £900 12 x £75.00 £2,000


GAP-RTI (Return-to-Invoice) Insurance


Combined Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) & Return to Invoice (RTI) insurance.

Our combined asset protection is designed to provide financial protection in the event of an accident or loss regardless of how you originally funded the purchase. If you have paid for the outright our Return To Invoice (RTI) cover will ensure you get back what you paid for the car in the event of a valid claim.

If you are paying for car on a finance agreement, then our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) cover will make sure that if your insurance payout falls short, you won’t be left with the outstanding finance.

Our plan covers for all eventualities, offering complete peace of mind.


Ceramic Coat Protection


Williams Ceramic Coat

Williams Ceramic Coat is exclusively available at Weybridge Vehicle Consultants. The solution offers protection for both the interior and exterior of your new car. It can be applied to your vehicle leaving an extremely durable and high-gloss exterior finish, which prevents pollutants from impacting your car’s paintwork. Once treated with Ceramic Coat your vehicle’s paintwork is guaranteed for the lifetime of your vehicle ownership and you will never have to polish your car again.


  • Locks in showroom shine
  • Protects both interior and exterior
  • No need ever polish your car
  • Prevents paintwork dulling
  • Protects interior carpets against spillages
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Guaranteed for the lifetime of ownership

Exterior Protection

  • Sunlight / UV Rays
  • Animal Matter / Bird Lime
  • Extreme Weather Conditions / Frost
  • Plant and Tree Sap
  • Acid Rain
  • Exhaust Fumes / Atmospheric Pollutants

Interior Protection

  • Ice Cream
  • Hot / Cold / Fizzy Drinks
  • Food particles
  • Prevents build-up of dirt and grime
  • Staining from spillages
  • Protects carpets

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We can still service your car whilst still under manufacturer warranty.

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